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Riverine Boat Operators will be instructors, who successfully meet the qualifications and requirements stated within this section, and have achieved the requisite Course Unique Instructor Training (CUIT) certification for delivery of each course convening. Instructors shall maintain high personal standards of technical knowledge and demonstrate professional competence in delivering training material. In addition to this technical background and skills, contract personnel must be able to effectively perform in a military background, and possess a familiarity with the organization and hierarchy of the U. S. Navy, military rank/grade structure, knowledge.
The candidate must have the ability to operate effectively under pressure adhering to the ProSol Core Values of Agility: rapid adaptation to the changing requirements and environment of our clients; Excellence: Service quality that exceeds the expectations of our clients; Integrity: Accountability and honesty-always doing the right thing; and Long Term Commitment: Unquestioned loyalty and dedication to our clients, partners and employees.
The Riverine Boat Operations (RBO) Instructors will conduct classroom and operational instruction. RBO Instructors provide basic and specialized training related to small boat operations. RBO instructors are
actively engaged in the Riverine Crewman (RCC) and Riverine Unit Level Leader (RULL) courses, but may also provide training in the Riverine Combat Skills (RCS) and Riverine Security Team Member (RSTM) courses as well.
Candidates must have four (4) years documented tactical experience in a Riverine or Maritime Environment and be proficient in the following areas:
Maritime/Riverine - Leadership experience in the operation, maintenance and employment of the Riverine Patrol Boat, and Riverine Assault Boat. Candidates must possess a solid understanding of maritime navigation to include aids to navigation, rules of the road and plotting geographic coordinates on nautical charts
Land Warfare - Tactical operational/leadership experience in land warfare including: combat lifesaving, land navigation, tactical communications, defensive measures, convoy operations, small arms, and crew served weapons, Improvised Explosive Devices, patrolling, mission planning, consistent with the U.S. Marine Corps / U.S. Army Infantry and U.S. Special Operations Command
Possess tactical operational experience in the military decision-making process; organizational and individual planning; patrol coordination; proficiency in the development and issuance of a concept of operations, warning, and patrol order; and mission debriefing utilizing FalconView(TM) software
Possess or be able to obtain a USCG 50 ton Masters License (inshore)(or better) within one year of reporting.
Possess qualification as a Crew Served Weapons Instructor.
Specific qualification requirements are detailed in paragraph 11 of OPNAVINST 3591.1F. The contractor shall ensure that contract instructors have completed the required courses, and that appropriate documentation is filed in the Instructor Training Jacket (ITJ). Instructors who have not conducted crew served weapons training within the past one (1) year must complete initial qualification requirement before conducting classroom or range training.
Documentation of this qualification shall be included in the contractor's ITJ. (Note: Completion of the Small Arms Instructor requirements is not a substitute for Crew Served Weapons qualifications. These qualifications are separate and unique.)
Possess experience involving the operation and tactical employment of crew served weapons to include: Medium 7.62 mm machine gun (i.e., M-60, M240, MK43, MK48); Heavy .50 caliber machine gun (i.e., M2HB); 40mm Grenade machine gun (i.e., MK19); and/or MK-49 7.62mm Gatling Gun. The contract instructor must be able to demonstrate his/her background in this area.
Education & Experience Requirements:
Possess at least one (1) year of documented combat experience as a member of one of the following organizations: USMC Small Craft Company/Dam Support Unit; USMC Special Operations Training Group; U.S. Navy Riverine Squadron; U.S. Navy Special Warfare Combatant Crewman; United Kingdom Royal Marines 539 Assault Squadron, United Kingdom Special Boat Squadron; U.S. Coast Guard Deployable Operations Group; or U.S. Customs Marine Interdiction Team.
Possess or be able to qualify as a Second Class Swimmer in accordance with NETC P1552/16 (Navy Swimming and Water Survival Instructors Manual).
Candidates must have four (4) years documented tactical experience in a Riverine or Maritime Environment and be proficient in the operation, maintenance and employment of the Riverine Patrol Boat, and Riverine Assault Boat, and be proficient in the following areas:
Coxswain Skills:
Launch and recovery of craft on unimproved ramps
Maneuvering in open water and confined spaces
Come along side another vessels during limited visibility
High speed maneuvering in limited visibility
Emergency towing a downed craft during limited visibility
Proficiency in maritime navigation to include:
Nautical chart reading
Navigate by dead reckoning
Navigate using coastal piloting
Navigate using onboard navigational equipment
Navigate craft at night utilizing Night Vision Goggles (NVG)
Have an in depth understanding of tactical small boat operations to include:
Organizing a boat team
Prepare craft for combat operations
Maneuver multiple craft in various formations
Conduct patrols (day / night)
Execute clandestine landing and withdrawal
Conduct Waterborne Guard Post operations
Conduct Insertion / Extraction
Support Board and Search Operations
Conduct Mine Counter Measure Procedures
Cover assigned sectors of fire
Conduct day and night live fire Immediate Action (IA) Drills
Conduct Escort Operations
Perform risk assessments utilizing the ORM process
Craft Systems and Sub-Systems
Operation and Maintenance of the CC FLIR, Blue Force Tracker, ECPINS and Furuno NAVNET Navigation systems.
Operate, maintain and trouble shoot the PRC-152, PRC-117, PRC-150, VIASAT, and VIC-3 communication equipment and operating systems
Have experience with logistical movement of small craft and associated gear:
Prepare craft/gear for over the road transits via prime mover & boat trailer
Prepare a craft/gear for air embarkation
Prepare a craft/gear for external helicopter lift
Security Clearance:
Physical Demands:
Must be able to lift 10-15 lbs
Monday - Friday
Must be available to work weekend, long days, travel based on Customer''s needs
Standard Work Hours:
Core hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Must be flexible to work long days and travel based on customer''s needs
Travel Expectations:
Flexible to work long days and travel based on customer''s needs
Travel Schedule:
Travel based on customer''s needs
Secondary Job Title: RBO
Category: Training
Job Location: US-NC-Sneads Ferry
Posted Date: 5/21/2014 - Free Classified Ads in US on Craigslist